Foreign Graduate Students

Scholarship programs outside the PPgSI scope (including the Brazilian Programme for Post Graduate Students – PEC-PG):

Foreign applicants interested in obtaining an Acceptance Letter to compete for a scholarship in the Brazilian Programme for Post Graduate Students (PEC-PG) or in any other funding agency from their own country (or similar) must submit the following documents for assessment:


1) Candidate application form (in Portuguese): word Candidate application form (in Portuguese) [in .docx]

2) “Two” reference letters (in Portuguese): icone_doc Reference letter (in Portuguese) [in .doc] (can be filled in English/Spanish; to be necessarily sent by the recommenders, and never by the candidates themselves)

3) Copy of school transcripts (school records) of the undergraduate courses/program (and of graduate courses/programs, if any)

4) Curriculum vitae (mandatorily filled in the Lattes Platform, including all information deemed relevant to the assessment)

5) Research project proposal [optional] (to be sent only if the candidate expects their research project proposal be evaluated as a potential differential)

6) Information on the type of scholarship desired for which a letter of acceptance is required, including the following data of the corresponding funding agency: name, scholarship program, website link, country, deadline for applications, etc.


Send all requested documents, in .PDF format, to the e-mail address ppgsi-each [at], informing that the application is related to a foreign candidate interested in the acceptance letter.

It is strongly recommended that the applicants previously evaluate the list of PPgSI’s advisors in order to check for adherence between the applicants’ and the advisors’ research interests. The applicants can also directly contact the PPgSI’s advisors of their interest before submitting their application (according to the rules stated above) to check for their interest and availability. In doing so, inform the PPgSI coordination which were the contacted advisors and their answers.

Once the request is assessed, if granted, the PPgSI coordination will issue a conditional acceptance letter, required to obtain the scholarship in the PEC-PG program or any other foreign agency. If the applicant is granted this scholarship, they will be enrolled in the PPgSI’s master program as a “regular graduate student”. If the applicant is not granted this scholarship, the acceptance letter will expire and become invalid.

Scholarship programs outside the PPgSI scope [or] Master’s degree with no scholarship:

Foreign applicants interested in pursuing their Master’s degree in PPgSI by competing for a (domestic) Brazilian scholarship in the PPgSI scope must necessarily apply to the selection process for regular students.

Foreign applicants interested in pursuing their Master’s degree in PPgSI without competing for any type of scholarship must also apply to the selection process for regular students.