Research Lines

Basic Knowledge AreaComputer Science
Area of ConcentrationInformation Systems (Computing Methodology and Techniques)
Research Lines
Research AreasDatabase
Software Engineering
Information Technology Management
Human-Computer Interaction
Artificial Intelligence
Graphics Processing
Pattern Recognition
Application AreasEnterprise Environments / Business Processes
Education / Distance Learning
Internet / Social Networks
Linguistics / Natural Language
Diverse / General

Research in PPgSI is organized in two Research Lines:

Besides these Research Lines and their Research Areas, the research conducted at PPgSI takes into account different Application Areas, creating orthogonal research axes that converge with Research Areas and which reflect the nature of inherently interdisciplinary and applied research in the Information Systems context. For the different Research Lines and Research Areas, various research projects in different Application Areas are currently being carried out in PPgSI, and new ones can and will be started. For details about specific research themes for each advisor, go to the Advisors page.